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Government Shutdown: Breaking News! - Intro / Discussion / Prompt Post

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The story of this post, is that it’s two stories. Two stories which are also one story--a story that was never told, but which we are talking about. In this post.

And that’s all the Perd-speak I can muster right now.

One of the biggest plot points of this past season was the so-called “scandal” of Leslie’s relationship with Ben. While the show did a good job of showing us the personal side of that relationship, they only ever hinted at what happened when that relationship went public. That’s what this week of Government Shutdown is all about.

As a community we need to pull together and address the two huge gaps in the Leslie/Ben “scandal” plot, and both of them have to do with “breaking news.”

1. How did Leslie and Ben break the news to their friends and family, and how did their friends and family react?

2. How/When/Where did the news of the “scandal” break in the prolific Pawnee media? Who broke the story? How did famous local news personalities cover the story? How long were Leslie and Ben dragged through the mud? How did William and Elizabeth try to manage the news before quitting? Exactly how did Leslie drop to that dreaded 1%?

These are the questions we’ll be addressing this week.

In this post you may:

-Discuss any thoughts you have on the two big plot gaps listed above

-Discuss the Pawnee news media in general

-Prompt fics or other fanworks related to Leslie and Ben “breaking the news” to friends and family. Prompt fics about the news breaking in the Pawnee media. Or prompt any other fanworks related to the Pawnee media and its colorful personalities.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week:

Tonight: Episode rewatch/community discussion
2.01 - Pawnee Zoo
3.05 - Media Blitz
4.03 - Born and Raised
extra credit: 2.19 - Park Safety
extra credit: 1.03 - The Reporter

Friday: Fanwork Challenge!
Monday: Rec post
Wednesday: Wrap-up post

See you there!
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