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Government Shutdown: Discussion/Activity- Would You Rather: Pawnee Edition

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Inspired by Tom in Flu Season, we thought it would be fun to play a few rounds of Would You Rather.

The rules are simple: We posted 10 Would You Rather scenarios in the comments. For each one, pick one of the choices (but if you play this game like Tom, which we do, watch out for those caveats that make choosing a little more difficult!). Post your answer and justification within the thread.

For example (courtesy of Tom):
Would you rather live in the pocket of a giant kangaroo or have a pocket on your own stomach that has a tiny kangaroo in it all the time?

Keep in mind: The tiny kangaroo is a racist.

Have any WYR scenarios of your own? Feel free to start your own thread! They don’t have to be Leslie/Ben-related, but please keep them Pawnee-centric. We welcome any and all Sophie’s Choice-type situations.

Have fun! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

This Week's Schedule
Thursday: Intro to The Best Week of Your Life and Wine Cooler Rewatch Thursday
Friday: Fanwork Prompt Post- Time Capsule
Monday: Discussion/Activity Post- Would You Rather: Pawnee Edition
Wednesday: Round-Up

The full Government Shutdown schedule can be found here.
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