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Season 5 Anonymous Spoiler Post

Welcome everyone to season five's offical Anonymous Spoiler Post. Since the original spoiler post was made a year ago and mostly contains season four related spoilers, this post has been made specifically for season five. Please try and follow the rules below, as things got a little out of hand towrads the end of last year.

- It should be clarified that this is not just a place to post spoilers, but somewhere where people can post big spoilers anonymously (because they have to for personal reasons). Most people seemed to forget that if the spoiler has a reliable source, you can freely post it to the community, so long as it is under a cut. All normal spoilers should be posted to the community following these rules.

- When posting spoilers, please title your comment with information pertaining to the spoiler (i.e. Leslie/Ben spoilers for season 4, spoilers for episode 1 of season 4, etc.), so that people have some idea of what they're about to read.

- All spoilers should be posted anonymously. If you are able to post the spoiler without being anonymous, post it normally to the community. Comments related to the spoilers do not have to be anonymous

- If there is any bashing/bad behavior in this post, it will be deleted.

- Please do not post spoilers using direct links. These comments go to spam, and as I don't want to be spoiled, I rarely check the spam folder. Please use this code.

- No complaining if you accidentally get spoiled. This post was solely created for spoilers, and when entering it you are allowing yourself to be spoiled. If you read a spoiler you regret reading, it is not the fault of the spoiler-commenter. It is your own fault for entering this post.

Thanks to saucydiva for the idea for a season 5 post. If you have any questions/concerns about the post, feel free to comment.
Warning: spoilers ahead!

If you do not want to be spoiled, don't read on.
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