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Government Shutdown: The Master Plan - Go Big or Go Home

Image courtesy of The amazing bitterbird

Hello to everyone in this spirited community. Welcome to another week (and the beginning of the second part) of Government Shutdown here at http://leslie-ben.livejournal.com/profile

This week we are going to be discussing and dissecting the first three episodes of the Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt arc and those would be The Master Plan (2.23), Freddy Spaghetti (2.24) and Go Big or Go Home (3.01). From their first interactions which include yelling, liquor and sometimes both we learn a few things: Ben's backstory as a teen mayor and that maybe this man is the the someone she's looking for who can live in her world so she can be herself in her world ...

Since I'm the first to start the episodes section of the Government Shutdown, I'm at a loss as to what I should inspire concerning these episodes but I hope that this phrase will inspire you "It's always nice to remember the beginning of something ..." to create some wonderful fanwork — fic, mixes, picspam — based solely on these episodes. I hope to post a poll at some point this week, probably Wednesday.

But for now, a few questions to start off this week.
• Do you think the actions of other couples on the show — their problems — foreshadow the future of Leslie and Ben? How professional was Leslie's conversation with Ben at the Snakehole Lounge? Do you think Ben has a habit of asking lovely ladies who yell at him to have a drink with him so very early in the day? Would the backstory of being a teen mayor worked for the character of Leslie? Is the character of Ben established enough in these first three episodes that shipping Leslie and Ben so early is warranted?

Let's party hard ... and discuss these episodes!

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