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Mod post: Spoiler Policy

Welcome to the leslie_ben spoiler policy post. Here you will find rules about what is and isn’t allowed pertaining to spoilers in the community.
What is considered a spoiler in leslie_ben? Anything (info, clips, etc.) that hasn’t aired on both the East and West coast or episodes that have been viewable to the public for less then 24 hours are considered major spoilers. However, posting direct info about a new episode above an LJ cut will possibly be considered negatively, so please remember to review your post before posting it to the community; when in doubt, use a cut.
All rules for the posting of spoilers can be found below.

- All spoilers must be posted under an LJ cut.

- When commenting in a spoiler post, your comments must relate only to the spoilers in the post. Revealing new spoilers in a comment is forbidden. I'm in no way saying that it's wrong to post big spoilers, but if you have major news, give it its own post. Basically, don't ever post spoilers in comments. (This is excluding the community's anonymous spoiler post.)

- If you'd like to post any spoilers anonymously, please do so in this post.

- This is kind of common sense, but when posting spoilers of any kind, you must always include a source.

- When posting major spoilers, please give a warning. Come on, we're all intelligent people here; there is a clear difference between a tiny spoiler from Ausiello or Kristin and a big, meaty spoiler. Do your fellow Parks fans a courtesy and give a warning.

- All spoiler posts must be tagged appropriately ALL posts must be tagged appropriately (some people still don't tag their posts and it drives me crazy!)

- If you ever see someone breaking any of these rules, please alert me as soon as possible! As it is, I don't have the time or the patience to look over every comment posted to the community, so if you see someone breaking the rules (or doing something in the comments that doesn't seen appropriate), let me know and I will deal with it as I see fit.

If you have any problems with the spoiler policy, please comment below and I will try to accommodate you :)
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