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FF: Count to Ten

Title: Count to Ten
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Rating: PG (if that)
Word Count: ~950
Summary: Ten notes (or eight notes and two sets of text messages) passed back and forth between Leslie and Ben at City Hall, set between the end of Road Trip and the end of The Bubble.
AN: Based on the prompt by rikyl in the Gov’t Shutdown post. This isn’t even really a fic, so much as a collection of random small, silly, sappy pieces in mostly chronological order. It ended up being much harder to write than I expected, so consider this an experiment. I don't know if it works, but it was fun to write.

Count to Ten



“Happiness is not a goal; it’s a by-product.”

I spent ten minutes on google looking for a quote that was more applicable, but I think this one works. My goal was to find something to thank you for the best first date of my life, and I know you like wildflowers. I hope happiness is a by-product for you.


PS. Sorry for going through your desk. The drawer seemed like a better idea than just leaving some flowers where everyone could see it. I’m not very good at this secrecy stuff.


Text: Leslie Knope, 8:45am

Did you really just quote Eleanor Roosevelt to me?

Text: Ben Wyatt, 8:46am

That depends… did it work?

Text: Leslie Knope, 8:48am

Third floor supply closet. Ten minutes.



I take your flower and raise you a mix-cd.

Mix #1

1. Sarah McLachlan - Love Come
2. Tori Amos - Happy Phantom
3. Sarah McLachlan - Dirty Little Secret
4. Sarah McLachlan - Good Enough
5. Squeeze - Up The Junction
6. Sarah McLachlan - Bring On The Wonder
7. Sarah McLachlan - Possession
8. Sarah McLachlan - Trust
9. Joni Mitchell - Comes Love
10. Sarah McLachlan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven


PS. Lunch in the courtyard?
PPS. Ron was rambling about FDR again, and I started to talk to him about that depression documentary we watched the other night. Then I started to think about what happened after the documentary, and I had to leave the room. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Okay, now I’m smiling again, and Tom’s giving me a weird look, so bye for real now.

-Leslie (again)



Ah, no, I’m sorry, Les. Can’t do it. I know you wanted to use code names, but I knew this girl named Hillary in college. She always smelled like cheese.

What if we pick different names? Like Jackie and John? Or maybe you could be Leia and I could be Han Solo… actually remind me to bring that one up later. Preferably when we’re alone.

Wow, now I don’t remember when I was initially writing you about.

Supply closet after the meeting today?

-Bill, Han, Ben, whatever you want to call me. I’m yours.



Supply closets are awfully small. So I was thinking... if I were to go to my house at 12:45 today for my lunch break, do you think my boyfriend could maybe meet me there? You should have him text me and let me know.


(In case it wasn't clear, you should come to my house during lunch, and we'll both get lucky.)



Chris came up to me when I got in today and asked if I’d finally taken up a proper vitamin regimen. Apparently taking five capsules with a full glass of water in the morning makes you look extraordinarily cheerful, so if anyone asks, I’ve been taking those huge multivitamins.

I think you’re turning me into some kind of crazy, cheesy, happy monster. Yesterday I had to turn down a request by the sewage department, and he thought I was joking because I kept smiling. You’re ruining my bad guy reputation, Knope.

Good luck getting all those balloons into Ann’s office.


PS. I’m including a business card for this dessert place about thirty miles away. I know we’re doing dinner in Snerling, but these guys have the best cheesecake in Indiana, if you’re interested.



Mix #2

1. Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet
2. Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender
3. Sarah McLachlan - Push
4. Linda Ronstadt - Heat Wave
5. Sarah McLachlan - Loving You Is Easy
6. Dido - This Land is Mine
7. Lady Gaga - So Happy I Could Die
8. Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Toward Ecstasy
9. Destiny’s Child - Brown Eyes
10. Sarah McLachlan - Ben’s Song


PS. I know you don’t really like her, and that last song is kind of about blood or something, but it’s named after you! And it’s such a good song.
PPS. As long as it’s a good kind of monster, like a kiss monster or a bring-Leslie-waffles monster, then I’m happy to be of service.
PPPS. I really should just make these notes longer and avoid the postscript problem.


Text: Ben Wyatt, 12:14pm

Give me a number between one and ten.

Text: Leslie Knope, 12:15pm


Text: Leslie Knope, 12:15pm

No, three.

Text: Leslie Knope, 12:16pm

No, five. Five.

Text: Ben Wyatt, 12:20pm

Okay. We’re spending at least five minutes of our lunch today in Ann’s office.

Text: Leslie Knope, 12:21pm

In that case, ten.



I don’t know if there’s a proper way to say ‘sorry I didn’t tell you about my mom working here, and also, I’m sorry that my mother is scary and tried to hit on you’, so I made you a third mix. Or rather, I burned you a copy of the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack, because it’s my favorite. Also, there’s not a single Sarah McLachlan song on it (though I do recommend listening to “Adia”, because it’s one of my top three favorite Sarah songs).

Sorry our bubble got burst so spectacularly.




So maybe it’s not that easy to stay in the bubble. That doesn’t mean we can’t make some bubbles of our own… wow, that was even cheesier and dumber on paper than it was in my head. But seriously, there’s no one else I’d rather write stupid notes to. Or go on adventures to Snerling with. Or blow bubbles with. Or do anything with, really.

If the bubble was this fun, I can’t wait for the rest of it.


Tags: fanwork: fic

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