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Mod Post: Official Bashing Policy

Welcome everyone to leslie_ben’s official bashing policy. Below you will find a set of rules laying out what is considered bashing, and what will happen if you break those rules.

We are a friendly, tolerant, non-confrontational community and would like to keep it that way. If you’re looking for a place to attack members for their opinions or start a fight, look somewhere else. A lot of our members care about the community, and if an incident happens, you should know that a) it will get back to the mod (our members are very good about alerting the mod to situations of this nature), and b) action will be taken. We don’t act like children here, and trust me, if you even attempt to mess up our balance you will not be welcome.
If any of the following rules are broken, action will be taken:
  • Attacking members in any way! I don’t care if they disagree with you on every level, insulting them in any manner (whether it’s just being snippy or full-on rude) is not tolerated. If you care so much about letting your thoughts pertaining to a subject known, do it in a nice, respectable way. Discussing your opinions is always encouraged, but remember to listen to what the other members say and comment after you’ve considered their point. Saying stuff like “I’m right, you’re wrong” isn’t cool, nor is it allowed here.
  • Bashing on characters is not okay. This is by no means saying that you’re not allowed speak your mind about disliking a character or their storyline, but saying stuff like “Leslie sucks and that’s that!” isn’t allowed. If you’d really like to talk about why you dislike someone, remember to lay out your points and be fair.
  • Starting up a fight; not only is it incredibly immature, but it’s also pointless, stupid and hurtful.
  • Using the anonymous feature as a tool to hurt people. The question of whether or not to allow anonymous commenting has been considered before, and I personally have no qualms with bringing the question up again; don’t make it happen.
I apologize if this may come off a bit harsh, but I just really feel the need to stress that this isn’t one of those base whoever you want communities. We are nice, friendly people who really don’t enjoy having to hurt others. We can also we very welcoming, if you’ll let us, but, like Ben, we tend to prefer pacifist protesting to full on fighting (or at least I do). If you want to rage about hating the show or characters, do it somewhere else.
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