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Government Shutdown: Breaking News! - Fanwork Challenge

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Sex? We know they had that. Drugs? Who knows? Rock and Roll? Well, Ben Wyatt is rumored to be the roommate of the frontman for popular local rock group, Mouse Rat. So probably! All that and more, coming right up on:

Head-Canon Today!

For this week’s challenge, you can flex your creative muscles while thinking up your personal head-canon for how the news of the Leslie/Ben relationship got out, and/or reveling in the weirdness that is the Pawnee media.

You have three options:

1. Create short fanworks to express your personal head-canon on how Leslie and Ben broke the news to friends and family (and their reactions).

2. Create short fanworks to express your head-canon for how the news of the "scandal" broke in the local media and how the various Pawnee media personalities covered the story.

For these two options, fanworks could be short lists of head-canon facts, like for the previous Government Shutdown weeks; or, write a few related drabbles, or even full-blown fics that cover the topic. Pic spams, comic strips, fanmixes, etc. are also welcome. Go wherever your muse wants to take you.

You can post Leslie/Ben related fanworks either in the comments below, or you can post them to the community or your own journal and link to them in the comments below.


3. Create short fanworks that celebrate the various Pawnee media personalities. Make a list of 5 head-canon facts about Shauna Malwae-Tweep. Create a playlist of songs that Crazy Ira and The Douche would have broadcast while talking about the Leslie/Ben scandal. Put together a Joan Callamezzo pic spam. Share your favorite GIF of Perd Hapley, etc.

For all non-Leslie/Ben fanworks, please either post them in the comments below, or post them in your own journal/Tumblr and link to them in the comments. Do not post non-Leslie/Ben fanworks elsewhere in this community.

Now let’s make some news!
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