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Galentine's Day Fanwork Exchange!

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All right, ladies, Galentine's Day is coming up on February 13th. That means it's time to celebrate each other with some creative projects.

Since this is a bit last-minute, let's do it ficathon style to avoid organizational delays.


1. Prompt something in the comments below. In order to increase the likelihood of your request getting filled, it might be helpful to span categories, i.e.: Leslie/Ann, girls' weekend, fic or fanmix.

I'm going to ask for NO SPOILERS IN PROMPTS, because unspoiled people (like me) will be reading the comments, and being spoiled when you don't want to be is a rude surprise. Or if you must, post the spoiler-prompt in your own journal and then link to it in a comment here.

And, since it's Galentine's Day, I don't think fics need to include heterosexual romance. Donna/April, spa day is totally appropriate. The Pawnee Goddesses wouldn't want us to exclude the boys, so if you want an Andy/Tom spa day instead, go ahead and ask for it.

2. Claim a prompt! To add the element of surprise, let's claim anonymously.

3. If you post a prompt, please try to fill another prompt. The danger of ficathons is always having 867 prompts and four fills--we should try to avoid that. If you're a new or nervous author, please check out the beta post. Look at how many people are willing to help you with the brainstorming process, even!

4. Galentine's Day is February 13th and ideally, stuff will be posted on or by then. However, late fills are better than no fills, so if you're running behind, the 13th is not a hard-and-fast deadline.

5. Posting fills: If it's a L/B fill, make a separate entry in the community or link in this entry. If the fic is on-topic for G-Day but off-topic for the comm, post a link here. I'll do a round-up post at the end.

When fills are posted, please read and comment. There's no better way to show your appreciation for authors and artists there a term for people who make fanmixes? Fanmixers? That sounds like an appliance.

6. Questions? Did I leave anything out? Just ask!
Tags: community: holiday fest, fanwork: challenge
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