Nutriyum Addict (nutriyum_addict) wrote in leslie_ben,
Nutriyum Addict

fic: Soup-Making for Dummies

Title: Soup-Making for Dummies
Author: nutriyum_addict
Pairing: Leslie/Ben
Rating: hard R
Summary: AU - Ben is teaching an Insuring Fiscal Responsibility in Local Units of Government class and Leslie thinks he is a jerk.
Timeline: Eh, you could probably assume it takes place somewhere around the Season 3 timeline.
Notes: So, I know a word count of 14,184 isn't that long or necessarily impressive, but for me, it's a HUGE accomplishment!

(It's not so much the idea of taking a night class...)

Also, I recently updated my LJ's master fic list with almost everything I've ever posted on Tumblr (I think there are a few stragglers I still need to track down), but there's that too ;-)
Tags: fanwork: fic
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