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We are colleagues with benefits

leslie knope & ben wyatt @ livejournal

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Leslie and Ben @ LiveJournal
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A community for all things Leslie/Ben!
Welcome to leslie_ben, the one and only community dedicated to the romantic relationship between Parks and Recreation characters Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt. Here you can post fanfiction, graphics, spoilers, and anything else relating to Leslie/Ben, just as long as you follow a few simple rules.
1. All posts must be related to Leslie/Ben or the actors who portray them, Amy Poehler and Adam Scott.

2. Bashing of any sort – at the pairing, a member, someone’s post, etc. – will not be tolerated. If you have any questions about what is and isn't considered bashing, please check out our bashing policy.

3. Spoilers, fanfiction, long posts, interviews, spoiler videos, polls, and large graphics should be posted under an LJ cut.

4. All posts must be tagged appropriately. If the tag you're looking for is not here, simply notify a mod in this post.

5. If you are doing a Leslie/Ben related contest and would like it to be affiliated with the community (i.e. the contest is not held at a different communtiy, everything is done at leslie_ben) please notify a mod first.

6. Please do not friends-lock any entries to the community. In addition, don't post links to f-locked posts.

7. Please reframe from posting illegal episode download links.

8. Before posting spoilers of any kind, please carefully read through our spoiler policy.

9. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to be affiliated with us, please comment in this post.
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